DOG - MA PET RESCUE is a small group of volunteers who commit their time and love to the care of abused, abandoned, homeless and neglected pets.  Each pet which comes into one of our volunteer's home is provided with the best veterinary care and training possible, so that they are ready for a permanent place in their new forever home.

"We do what we can, one pet at a time"

Dog - Ma Pet Rescue takes in dogs (all breeds and mixes thereof), cats...and sometimes something a little smaller.

All our adoption fees go to veterinary costs...As do funds raised through different fundraising events. The care of our rescues is a top priority.

We are a non-profit rescue.


Crate Bedding...blankets for large crates (machine washable)

Large type Cat Scratching / Slumber Post

Cat Treats
Cat Toys...Small mice, etc.

Clumping cat litter

It is only with your help that we are able to continue to help out pets in need.
Please donate! Every bit helps.

To donate directly to us please click on the button below:

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